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06/09/2016 The UK's Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) has recently released a report examining the impacts and potential benefits of the ornamental fish trade on wild fish populations. OATA Wild Caught Ornamental Fish Report

11/07/2013 PIJAC Marine Ornamental Defense Fund seeks support to fight anti-aquarium legislation PIJAC Marine

11/07/2013 NOAA Delays ESA listing Decision for 66 Coral Species via AquaNerd

03/20/2013 HR996 Proposes nationwide "white list" of allowed species, all others would be banned story via Reef2Rainforest

03/19/2013 Review: Global Pet Expo 2013 a huge success for aquatics Segrest Farms AquaBlog

01/29/2013 New Research Indicates Marine Aquarium Trade Incentivizes Conservation of Wild Reefs Full Article

01/23/2013 Marine Aquarium Hobby in Jeopardy: PIJAC seeks support to defend the industry and hobby from legislative threats in 2013 Read more on the Segrest Farms AquaBlog


01/03/2013 Hawaiian ornamental fisheries face uncertain future from Reef to Rainforest Media

01/03/2013 Segrest Farms launches new blog for all things aquatic Segrest Farms Aquablog

12/03/2012 NOAA proposes listing 66 species of coral under the Endangered Species Act Via ReefBuilders

12/03/2012 Field Report: Belo Monte Dam on Rio Xingu update from Amazonas Magazine

11/17/2012 Clownfish vocalizations used to establish heirarchy and breeding status From Advanced Aquarist

11/12/2012 'Mega Dam' on Mekong moves forward despite international opposition More info from Seriously Fish

11/12/2012 New International Coral Research Facility opens in South Florida Press Release and News

10/24/2012 PIJAC's tips for keeping finned, furry, or feathery pets safe and comfortable this winter from Houston Chronicle

10/24/2012 Protests mount against “Monster Dam” on Brazil’s Rio Xingu Full story via Amazonas

10/19/2012 Rare Paper Nautilus on display at California Aquarium Full story and video via FishChannel

10/18/2012 Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission holds Exotic Pet Amnesty Day Full story at

10/11/2012 Florida school credits new aquaculture curriculum with raising its state letter grade Aquaculture in the Classroom

10/11/2012 New aquarium reality show "ultimate Aquariums" to air on HGTV October 12th Full Article on Reef Builders

10/11/2012 Social behavior in fish linked to Oxytocin Full Article