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At Segrest Farms we only work with the best suppliers in the industry. This not only allows us to offer the highest quality animals to retailers, but also sets the standard for other vendors in the industry. We believe that in order to continue to be the leader in the ornamental fish trade, our supply chain must also be composed of leaders. If you are not already a part of these organizations and are interested in becoming a vendor, we highly encourage you to participate in them. You will not only gain knowledge but also become part of a network of respected professionals and add credibility to your business.

PIJAC: Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

PIJAC is the national organization that addresses legislative issues against the pet industry
  • Monitors legislation regarding pets and pet ownership at the local, state, and national level
  • Provides testimony and comments on legislation that is in the best interest of pets
  • Empowers members with the tools necessary to respond to legislative
  • Collaborates and forges strong networks among government agencies, industry groups and non-governmental organizations.
  • Offers up to date industry news on up and coming bills

Pet Leadership Council

Created and maintained by industry leaders who encourages the entire pet business to take the necessary steps to ensure the health and welfare of aquatic life.
  • Promotes sustainable collecting practices
  • Provides Public Education on responsible Fish keeping
  • Offers a monthly newsletter

National Aquaculture Association

Stands out as a single voice for aquaculture when facing government issues
  • safeguards its sustainability, protects its profitability and encourages its development in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Updates on industry news and events that will affect the supply chain
  • Offers discounts on conferences and workshops for vendors and producers

Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association

The only active and established organization that devotes its entire efforts towards the professional, ethical, economic and social aspects of supporting the tropical fish industry.
  • Work closely with the FDA, EPA, OSHA, and Florida Department of Agriculture to protect fish farms
  • Provide a coop store partnered with several wuppliers to purchase items at a discounted rate
  • Join to exchange ideas, troubleshoot issues and be a part of the growth of the industry

Ornamental Fish International

Offers global data on the fish industry to show where recent growth has happened and growing trends in the supply chain.
  • Supplies information of conventions, shows, various meetings, conventions globally
  • Educates members on global industry news of the industry
  • Provides information and data for lobbyist at all CITES conferences and committee meetings on conservation and trade regulations