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About Us

Say Segrest. See the best.

Discover what sets Segrest Farms apart

Fish keepers are always looking for the best place to get fish from. And there are many options out there. With so many choices, why choose Segrest Farms?

Quality, Service, Dependability

Our focus for many years has been to focus on delivering the best quality, service, and dependability.

We are constantly searching for the best suppliers from around the globe to bring the best fish to you. From farms right here in Florida (the aquaculture capital of the US) to small scale breeders in Europe to wild collected fish from the Amazon, we look for all available sources. But one thing that doesn’t change between our suppliers is being held to the same high standards. A Segrest Farms fish is larger, sturdier, and overall healthier than many of our competitors.

We carry this standard of quality through our building, dialing in our systems to best match the needs of the fish in order to reduce any stress as much as possible. From computer controlled acclimation of our saltwater fish to dedicated soft water systems, we look for every available method to better keep the fish in our care. And with over fifty years of experience, we have refined our handling and shipping methods to get them to you in the best shape possible.

Retailers are assigned their own sales reps who will learn their needs in order to best advise them on the fish that will excite hobbyists in their area. This unsurpassed hands-on attention allows retailers to have fully customized service that works for them. And in the rare instance where a problem does arise, we’ll do everything we can to fix it.

Focused on the hobby

Without the hobbyist, nothing that we do would be possible. We are always trying to connect the hobby in a way that bolsters everybody involved. Hobbyists can reach out to us anytime through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

While we don’t sell directly to hobbyists, a decision rooted in our belief that the foundation of the hobby is the local fish store and a strong hobby relies on a strong foundation, we invite hobbyists to see behind the scenes at Segrest Farms through Facebook Live and YouTube to see where the fish their retailers carry comes from.

Conservation and Sustainability

We love fish. And we know you do too. Part of our mission at Segrest Farms is to promote conservation and sustainability efforts so that everyone can continue to have these experiences both in their home aquariums and in the wild. We support both aquaculture and sustainable wild collection, and hope to help guide you to make the best decisions possible.

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