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Aquarium Fish Wholesale - Segrest Farms

About Us

Segrest Farms began modestly in the Florida tropical fish farming business in 1961 with 16 aquariums. Today we are one of the world's largest wholesale ornamental fish distributors, supplying over 1,000 pet shops, public aquariums, and research institutions each week with wholesale freshwater tropical and coldwater aquarium fish, GLOFISH, saltwater fish & invertebrates, marine corals & live rock, aquatic plants, amphibians, reptiles, small animals, and live food. How has this been accomplished when so many have failed?

The only real secret to this is conscientiousness, hard work, and determination. Our only goal is to supply quality, service, and dependability to our customers. If one does this, all the rest takes care of itself. Segrest Farms is the sole distributor of SEGREST FISH which is of such quality that it satisfies us, satisfies our customer, and satisfies our customer's customer. We obtain quality and variety wholesale tropical fish, coldwater fish, saltwater fish, marine coral & live rock, aquatic plants, amphibians and reptiles by continually traveling the world to work with our suppliers for captive bred and sustainably collected aquatic specimens, and seek the best, and the odd and unusual. We have set the highest wholesale ornamental fish industry standard of dependability by being in business longer than any other tropical fish distributor in the Western Hemisphere.

We believe a business cannot stand still. A business is both improving and growing, or it is deteriorating and falling behind. Segrest Farms is constantly moving forward by dreaming, planning, experimenting, and building. Our eyes are always searching beyond the horizon, looking ahead for new and better ways to serve our customers as the industry's best wholesale aquarium fish distributor. If your interest is in quality wholesale freshwater and marine aquarium livestock, we are confident you have found an ideal resource partner in Segrest Farms. Our attentive Customer Service, and extensive offerings for one stop, freight efficient wholesale freshwater tropical fish, goldfish & Koi, GLOFISH, saltwater fish, marine invertebrates, coral, live rock, aquatic plants, marginal & pond plants, amphibians, reptiles, small animals, and live aquatic foods makes Segrest Farms the best and obvious choice as your aquatic livestock supplier. Please give us an opportunity to earn your business!



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