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According to reports, half of new fish keepers will quit the hobby within six months. Many of these will quit because they are unprepared and encounter problems. Problems that could have been avoided with a little bit of prior knowledge.

There is a lot of information available to hobbyists, and a lot of it seems to disagree. Some of these contradictions are the result of myths or misunderstandings, and some of them are simply differing opinions on topics that have no definitively right or wrong answers.

We have set up this section to help both the new fish keeper and the experienced hobbyist have more success. We’ll continue updating this section to become a comprehensive resource.

Aquarium Topics

The Science of Aquariums

Understanding the basic science of what is going on in your aquarium can dramatically increase your success as a fish keeper. It just takes a little bit of chemistry and biology.

The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle - Arguably the most important concept for having aquarium success is cycling your tank. Know how nitrogenous waste is introduced, how it's broken down, and what it means when you cycle your aquarium.

Setting Up a Fish Tank

Once you understand some basics and are ready to get started, it's time to choose your equipment and get everything ready to go.

New Aquarium Setup Checklist - A quick overview of the parts and pieces of the aquarium to ensure that you have what you need before you start setting up.

How to Set Up an Aquarium - A step by step guide on how to place all of your equipment and decorations and get your aquarium running.

Where Should I Put My Tank? - There are a lot of options of where to put your aquarium. While there may not necessarily be a wrong place for it, there are a few considerations to think about.

Planted Tanks

Taking the leap into aquarium plants? There are a number of new techniques that need to be learned and new concepts to understand. Knowing how to balance light, nutrients, and carbon dioxide, choosing the right fish, and planning an aquascape are key concepts for success in a planted tank.

Should I Keep a Planted Tank - Planted tanks require a different set of skills and knowledge than traditional fish only aquariums. Will a planted tank satisfy your aquarium goals?

Lighting Guide - Light is one of the key requirements for keeping plants. Know how to choose the right light for your tank.

Fertilization - Like animals, plants need to eat. Nutrient problems can lead to sick plants and uncontrollable algae.

Carbon Dioxide - Carbon Dioxide is easy to overlook but just as important as light and nutrients. Know whether or not you need CO2 and how to supply it if you do.

Freshwater Shrimp

Looking for the perfect inhabitant for a nano tank? There is no better choice than freshwater shrimp. Learn how to care for them and open up new possibilities.

Why Freshwater Shrimp - Do you have a nano tank? Want something to complement your planted aquarium? Freshwater shrimp may be the perfect option.

Keeping Shrimp - There are a few commonly seen freshwater shrimp. While their care is fairly straightforward, there are some considerations to keeping them properly



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