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Selling To Hobbyists

Why Doesn’t Segrest Farms Sell To The Public?

If there’s one question we get more than anything else, it’s how can you, the hobbyist, buy our fish. Maybe it’s your grail fish that you’ve been wanting for as long as you’ve had an aquarium. Or maybe you saw a fish we posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that you just have to have. Whatever the case, a lot of you want our fish, and we are incredibly grateful to you.

The bad news is that we don’t sell directly to hobbyists. In order to buy from us, you need to be a retailer. And we understand how disappointing and, at times, frustrating that can be.

Segrest Farms believes the foundation of the hobby lies with the local fish store; and if we’re going to work towards a stronger hobby, we need to be reinforcing that foundation. A good local fish store is a place where you go not only to buy fish, but to learn about the latest and greatest products, get new ideas and inspiration, and develop community relationships with other fish lovers.

If Segrest Farms were to sell directly to hobbyists, we would be directly competing with the same retailers we are trying to support. We’d be trading some short-term sales for the long-term health and viability of the hobby, and that would hurt everyone involved.

We highly encourage all hobbyists to support their local fish store. Find your local Segrest retailer and ask them to special order that fish you have your heart set on. If your local store doesn’t order from us, tell them you want that awesome fish you just saw and ask that they contact us to discuss becoming a customer.



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