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Segrest Farms is the country's leader in supplying retail pet stores with wholesale ornamental fish. We strive to have the best quality, service, dependability, quantity, and variety in the industry so that you, the hobbyist, can get the best fish that you can't find anywhere else. Browse through our Catalog Archive to discover the wide breadth of freshwater fish, marine fish, plants, invertebrates, reptiles, and more that we have carried through the years. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get highlights of our exciting new arrivals. Find a pet store near you that carries Segrest Fish and ask them to special order a species you are looking for that they don't have. If we don't have it, we will make every effort to find it.

The hallmark of Segrest Farms has always been finding the best quality of the widest variety of fish possible. We try to offer larger, heathier fish that will thrive in your aquaria. In order to offer these fish, we use a wide network of the best fish farmers and wild collectors across the globe. We own several fish farms here in Florida in which we raise many of our own fish which allows us to guarantee quality and ensure they are acclimated to aquarium conditions before reaching your local fish store. We are also huge proponents of the sustainable collection of wild fish practiced with an eye on environmental conservation, such as is practiced by Project Piaba. Project Piaba is on the forefront of researching and putting into practice methods for creating a sustainable operation that allows and encourages local populations to protect and defend the environment around them. Ask your retailer to carry Project Piaba fish and help support the conservation of the Amazon.

Segrest Farms is also dedicated to applying the same standards and practices used in the freshwater fish trade to the marine fish trade. We were advocates for the standards put forward by the Marine Aquarium Council during its existence and we do not support collectors who use environmentally damaging collection methods such as cyanide fishing. We are actively working to offer the widest variety of captive bred marine fish in the industry, regularly offering dozens of different captive bred items.

In order to continue working towards improving the availability and variety of captive bred marine fish, we actively support the Rising Tide Conservation initiative and strongly encourage you to do so as well. Rising Tide Conservation is on the forefront of research into new techniques for spawning and rearing marine fish and is tirelessly working to unlock the secrets to ever more species. They have already had success with a wide range of species including various angels, wrasses, dragonets, and others, and they have made the farthest progress to date with the holy grail of captive bred marine fish, the yellow tang. You can help support Rising Tide Conservation by donating through the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.

At the end of the day, we recognize that we are here to satisfy the needs of the hobbyists and without you there would be no Segrest Farms. Hobbyists are always welcome to take a tour of our facility if you should happen to be in the Tampa area. Located in Gibsonton (25 minutes south of Tampa and in the heart of the Florida tropical fish industry), our facility here is among the largest and most successful tropical fish distributors in the world.

Visiting hours are 8am to 3pm Monday through Wednesday, and 8am to 10:30am on Thursday. We are closed on Fridays and closed holidays and the day before. Please email us at tours@segrestfarms.com with the subject "Hobbyist Tour" to book a time and get directions to our facility. We invite you to look at the fish in our facility but we do not allow hobbyists to purchase. Please be aware that you will be among us as we acclimate, put up, care for, pick, and pack our fish, often in wet environments that may not be appropriate for young children or people with mobility impairments.



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