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Aquatic Plants

Getting Started With Aquarium Plants

Whether it’s because you want to add some beauty to your tank, recreate a slice of nature, or bring your love for gardening indoors when the weather turns sour, more and more people are wanting to set up planted tanks. Taking care of aquarium plants requires a new set of skills and knowledge than those learned from a fish only aquarium.

Like all living things, plants have specific requirements that need to be met in order to survive. For animals, those requirements are generally food, water, and air. Similarly, plants need food, water, air, and light in order to live. Of course, being aquatic plants that are living in a fish tank underwater, their need for water is going to be met by default.

The key to successfully keeping a planted aquarium is finding the balance between these three needs. You need to:

Once you understand the needs of aquarium plants, you are ready to choose the best plants to build the aquascape you are trying to create.

Fortunately, this has never been easier than it is now, with an abundance of knowledge readily available at your fingertips and suppliers such as Tropica® Aquatic Plants offering full line systems that are as close to plug and play as you can get.

Discover the joys of planted tanks and how you can take your aquarium to the next level.

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