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Segrest Initiatives

As important as it is to communicate with hobbyists about conservation initiatives and how to support them, as the leader ornamental fish it's important that we try to do more. As such, Segrest Farms has set up some initiatives to reach beyond our own audience and support organizations that working to make a positive impact.

Coral Conservation Initiative

Our audience is tiny when you look at the big picture. In order to reach a larger audience, we are partnering with AZA facilities to create displays designed to educate both hobbyists and the general public about coral conservation. These facilities will receive aquacultured coral frags that they will be able to grow out for a full exhibit as well frag and share with other AZA facilities. Additionally, we are creating materials to teach about corals and highlight the benefits of aquaculture, mariculture, and sustainable collection.

Rising Tide Donation Program

The biggest hurdle to expanding the number of aquacultured marine fish is learning what they need in order to breed and survive through their larval stage. Unfortunately, these processes are enormously complex. In order to address this challenge, Rising Tide Conservation works with researchers trying to unlock these secrets so that they can share the knowledge gained with commercial breeders. Segrest Farms donates 1% of all tank raised marine fish sales to Rising Tide Conservation in order to help fund this important research.



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